Honest Luxury

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We’ve figured out a way to work directly with coveted fabric mills, master craftsmen and manufacturers. Our efforts have allowed us to offer you exceptional products, historically reserved for exclusive groups.

Our commitment to sourcing and creating the best products possible starts with an understanding of you. Countless hours have been spent developing strong partnerships to ensure product integrity is on par with our vison. We will never compromise on the construction of our product and its efficacy.

We don’t sell a false sense of scarcity or markup prices 10x to achieve goals. We attain historically unachievable prices by adopting a strong business approach and staying true. It’s not required that we continuously remind you “We are cutting the middlemen out”. It’s very clear that we embrace value creation and pass it on.

We present a lifestyle not mired in overly opulent props, but with a balanced blend of innovation, dynamism, and cultural inclusion. It’s impossible for us to alienate our identity, so we embrace it and share fresh concepts that you can identify with.

Our team is very keen of surrounding environments and the people inhabited in them. This dynamic inspires us to design and create fashionable clothes that you can feel comfortable in most situations.

Our Core

ETT is driven by its uncompromising philosophy of Honest Luxury. We believe luxury should not be defined by traditional notions of exclusion and alienation, but rather by innovation, dynamism and inclusion. Everyday our focus is on creating products with a balanced blend of quality, technological advancement and personalized experiences.