Our Story

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Our vision is to build the most modern Honest Luxury fashion house online.

We’re reimagining the way men approach, interpret and consume made-to-measure clothing. We do this by sourcing, designing and creating exceptional products and experiences that are built on our core values: quality, accessibility, and product education that resonates with a man’s innermost values and beliefs in the affluence of culture and evolution into wearable art.


Our Technology

Our technology is among retail’s most advanced solutions for human body shape, pose and motion analysis. We have a deep statistical understanding of the human body and real world data, taken from thousands of scans and measurements of various body types and figures.


We are advancing online shopping by offering an interactive multi-dimensional experience. Our Fit Harmony method uses precise point-to-point measurements across the entire body, and takes into account cultural backgrounds and demographics.

Through innovative technology, you're able to keep us updated without the hassle of the slick salesman or appointment only tailoring shops. Whether it’s losing or gaining weight, or a developed interest in a trending style, we are by your side and listening.


Our Products

We produce our products with the best cloth the industry has to offer, which includes Vitale Barberis Cononico, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, and cotton shirting by Monti, Canclini and Carlo Riva. Our products are backed by decades of tailoring tradition and proven skill. We spent 2 years researching, designing, traveling, curating, and building with people who understand our vision.

We work with a profoundly selective group of family owned manufacturing partners that only produce premium suits and shirts. Our garments are cut and sewn in amazing workshops in China by skillful craftsmen who migrated from Italy and other local areas. We seek the best and find industry gems. Our sourcing motto,”correlation does not imply causation.”