I’ve never purchased made-to-measure clothing. What should I expect?

Not a problem. Our Fit Squad is available to answer any questions you may have about measuring, fitting, or tailoring. Should you like further insights about styling, customization, or design, follow us on Twitter @EisonTT or connect with our Style Crew.

Does Eison Triple Thread have a store where I can get measured in person or look at fabric choices?

We are currently building out our Five Sense Experience San Francisco headquarters. 

How long does it take to make my item?

Suits, Jackets and Trousers typically take 12 business days to make, and will arrive four to six weeks after your order is submitted. Shirts typically take seven days to make and will arrive two to three weeks after your order is submitted.

What is the difference between Buy As Shown and Customize?

The Buy As Shown option is a suggested presentation of a fully styled garment. When selected, all the customization options are added to your cart. If you’d prefer different design details, click Customize to pick and choose other options.

How can you afford to price your items so aggressively?

We practice sustainable efficiency. With a connected supply chain and focused strategy, we eliminate the need to keep an on-hand inventory. Our commitment to this practice is part of what we call Honest Luxury.

How much is an Eison Triple Thread garment?

Suits start at $699, Jackets start at $539, Shirts start at $149 and Trousers start at $199. In order to meet every aspect of your life, we make seasonal collections of customizable products that grow with you and evolve as you do.



If I want to make a design change in my order after it is placed, can I do so?

Be sure to double check that all your styling is correct before completion. All orders begin production within 48 hours of receipt and are based on the design details you select. Any changes requested should be submitted within that period to ensure your updates are applied to your order.


How skilled does my partner have to be in order to take my measurements?

The process is designed to be simple and straight forward. Watch our instructional self-measurement film for a step-by-step guide on how to obtain your body measurements. Doing so will ensure you receive the best possible product.

How does the digital platform help you make my items?

We use data compiled from several thousand body scans to help us understand your shape and dimension. Once you input your measurements, you will be able to see a virtual model change proportion into your exact likeness. With this tool, we are able to build a full view of your body and fit.

What’s the benefit of my Fit Profile?

This allows us to create a more convenient shopping experience for you. By accurately assessing your likes and dislikes, we make products specific to your needs all without stocking inventory. With your Fit Profile, you can command and communicate changes and style preferences quickly and easily.

Do all orders require photos?

Yes. We require non-identifying images that capture the essence of your body. We take our products seriously and want to make sure we capture all of your unique aspects. Photos can be uploaded into your Workroom or emailed to us at [email protected].

Is there someone who reviews my measurements, just in case?

Yes. Each order is reviewed by a member of our Fit Squad so that each made-to-measure item fits, functions and balances perfectly on you. Should we have any questions about your order, we’ll email you to let you know.


Where are your products made?

Our garments are produced by a select group of family owned manufacturing partners based out of the Yangtze River Delta. Each of our skilled craftsmen migrated from Italy and other local areas, and focus exclusively on premium suiting and shirting.

What kind of cloth and trimmings do you use?

We use quality materials from some of the world’s most reputable mills and merchants. This includes: Ariston, Cerutti, Caccioppoli, Vitale Barberis Cononico, Huddersfield, Monti and Carlo Riva, just to name a few. Learn more about the quality of our construction here.

What are Super numbers?

A Super number refers to the fineness of the yarn used in choice wool fabric; the higher the number the finer the yarn. For your everyday suiting, we generally suggest to stay between Super 110 and Super 130.

What type of cloth weight should I look for?

Cloth weight between 210-270 grams (7.5-9.5 ounces) is lightweight, the most breathable and is ideal for warm temperatures. Cloth weight that is between 285-360 grams (10-13 ounces) is midweight and is a year round option best suited for men starting to build their wardrobe. Cloth weight between 360-390 grams (13-13.75 ounces) is considered a heavier weight, and suitable for cooler climates. Our perennial collection has a balanced mix of all. 

What is the difference between Half-Canvas and Full-Canvas?

A half-canvas suit uses a sewn in horsehair canvas piece stitched from the collar down throughout the chest and lapel of the jacket to make it more pliable. In a full-canvas suit, the canvas is sewn in between the entire lining and lapels of the jacket. Compared to a fused suit, which is glued and is prone to warping, full-canvas suits drape and mold better to your body have an increased lifetime.



What is the difference between Half-Lined and Fully-Lined?

The lining in a half-lined jacket extends through the sleeve and the upper half of the chest and back, usually stopping six inches below the armpit, whereas the lining in a fully-lined jacket extends below the neckline all the way down to the hemline. Half-lined jackets provides more ventilation to the back by allowing the fabric to breathe and are typically less restricting than fully-lined jackets. Additionally, the inside seams of half-lined jackets are taped with the same material as the lining, which require more handwork to be done and presents a more decorative look.

Fit Choice

What’s the best fit option for my body type?

Each fit is designed to flatter. Our Slim Fit is cut closest to the body. If you’re willing to give up some range of motion to get trim and defined lines, this option is for you. Our Tailored Fit is not too baggy or too tight. This option has similar properties to a Slim Fit, but offers a greater range of motion. The Classic Fit is a contemporary version of a relaxed fit and offers the greatest range of motion.



I have an atypical body shape. Can you accommodate my size?

Yes, we can produce suits for a wide range of body sizes. In extreme cases, there may be additional charge. If you think you fall into this category, reach out to our Fit Squad

I received my order and I want a second opinion on the fit. What should I do?

Not a problem. If you’ve never worn custom garments before, we suggest you wear the item a few times as most natural materials mold to your body over time. If you still have a fit issue, email our Fit Squad. We’ll ask for additional photos of you, and once we have them, we’ll help explain a second opinion on how your garment fits.

Product Support

I received my suit and it’s different than what I expected. What should I do?

Simply reach out to a member of our Fit Squad, and we’ll reply back with all the materials to help you get the exact product you set out to buy. We are here to provide you with support and a brand experience you deserve. More information about alterations can be found here.

What is the alterations process?

Submit an Alterations Requests within 30 days from the receipt of your items. Our Fit Squad will then send you the form(s) necessary to be completed by a skilled tailor. We offer a $100 alterations credit to be put towards suits and jackets and a $50 alterations credit to be put towards shirts and trousers. Submit the form back to us, along with a receipt, and we will credit you the amount paid within seven days.