Breaking It Down: The Art of Perfumery-Part 1

September 8, 2016

A woman named Tapputi is the world’s first-recorded chemist, a Mesopotamian perfume maker. Imagine 2nd millennium BC Mesopotamia, and Tapputi, an olive-skinned overseer at the Royal Palace, holding it down in her lab distilling flowers, oil and calamus to present to the king and queen. From Rome to Persia to India, perfumery became a fad of luxury.

Our ancestors knew that looking good and smelling good meant feeling good – and based on their timeless wisdom, thus was born the ancient art of perfumery. Everything from herbs, spices, flowers and grasses went into their mixtures.

Today’s scents vary just as much, but the quality and sophistication varies too, so we want to break it down. Continue Reading…

Branding: What does it mean?

August 26, 2016

What is a brand? Plenty has been written on this in the past, and we’re not here to repeat or school anyone. We’re here to rouse, inspire and discuss.

So, let’s discuss. Conceptually, what a brand is and what it means to wear one? When Kate Moss and Marky Mark infamously posed harder than we knew they could, Calvin Klein’s name resting just above their nether regions, what were they saying to us? Besides, “We’re quite beautiful- you all should buy these underpants,” of course. Continue Reading…

Stay Fitted 101: Trousers  

August 10, 2016

How do you know if your trousers fit? They shouldn’t feel like your favorite pair of sweats (but keep those in the queue). Proper fit has a proper affect – it makes you want to stand up straight and do your best work, it emanates a presence of orderliness.


A trouser waist should sit comfortably around your natural waist – not your hips. Save the sag for your denim, never your trousers. Belts aren’t necessary with a correct fit – if your shirt is going rogue, your pants are too big. With only about one finger of wiggle room, you’ll be able to sit comfortably but have no choice but to keep that posture proper, and that’s how we like it.


We already know that hips are our primary movers, so we have to accommodate with a few inches of space. Pockets should lie flat, never pulling. Go too large have pooling of fabric near your side seams and at the center of the back seam. That slight back sag isn’t a good look. Continue Reading…

The Basics: Cost vs Investment

July 6, 2016

You ever get a pack of Hane’s undershirts and within a week, somehow holes magically appear? Maybe a thread pulls and the hem comes completely undone in the wash. “Cool, good thing I bought 10 of these.”

That’s pure cost. Just like disposable plates and napkins, it’s money that eventually gets thrown away. The price point is low so it’s easy to justify, but in the long run it’s way more expensive than an investment. Continue Reading…

The “Luxury” Fit

June 29, 2016

What do brands like Givenchy, Dior, Canali and Gucci have in common? Suits, of course. They all creatively deliver contemporary, classic and formal (RTW) men’s suits. What else? Quality. These brands offer exacting structural quality and fabrics from world renowned mills. That’s a beautiful thing.

Yet, there’s another commonality on the radar that inspires our inquiry. Continue Reading…

Friday Tunes: Plain

June 24, 2016

Jesse Boykins III is one talented dude. His unique sound deserves a spot on everyone’s playlist and music player. I’m sure you will like this one. Happy Friday!

Stay Fitted 101: Shirt

June 22, 2016

Every piece of your suit is the most important piece, but fit might best them all. Without the right fit you may as well wear a potato sack. In our world, proper fit is all about precision – the sharper your dress shirt is fitted, the smarter you’ll look and feel.

The Collar

Keep it snug but let it breathe. There’s a fine line between too tight and too loose, and the key to the collar is to have no visible gap when fully buttoned up. This is the one part of your shirt that can’t be altered, so gauge your collar and trust the rest can be fitted.

The Shoulders

In between your collar bones and your toned traps is a perfect line across your shoulders. That’s where we want your shoulder seam. If the seam falls toward your collar bones, you’re a big guy in a little shirt. If it’s sagging on your upper arm, you’re swimming. Keep it cool and follow the line. Continue Reading…